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Selling a Business

When you work with Mr. David Altman you get a long list of benefits to insure that your business will sell for top dollar.

Selling a business at any price is a tough proposition.

Today's marketplace is crowded with competing business opportunities, so standing out in the crowd to attract qualified buyers is the key to making a successful sale. We are dedicated to helping Sellers' businesses get noticed and sell for top dollar.

Our "secret" is actually no secret at all.

We are committed to working harder to sell your business than anyone else. When we represent a business, we utilize a well structured marketing strategy to maximize your business’s exposure, generate multiple offers at the best possible price and sell your business quickly.

Here's An Overview Of What We Do:

Professional Business Profile.

The most important tool in positioning your company to sell for top dollar is the Business Profile. The Business profile is comprised of a detailed business summary and extensive information provided by the Seller to market the business. Our business profiles are in a league of their own and may include extensive trade area analysis and comprehensive comparable sales information from proprietary data bases and other sources.

Print Advertising.

We advertise in newspapers, periodicals and other publications of general distribution, both local and out of area. We also advertise in trade and business publications and in business brokerage publications to ensure the maximum exposure for your business.


The Internet is today's tool for selling a business fast. Thousands of Buyers are reached every day through leading Internet sites. We host our own website and post listings on a variety of prominent sites to provide your business with maximum exposure.

Strategic Marketing.

We create a strategic plan to target potential Buyers for your business in and out of your industry. We will use direct mail marketing to reach potential Buyers. Our goal is to create a "bidding war" for your business, ensuring top dollar for you, the Seller.


We know how important it is to your business to maintain the confidential nature of the sale. You can count on us to preserve the confidentiality of your business’ sale. Our ads and Internet postings are "blind." Your business's identity is not revealed to the public and only the facts necessary to generate Buyer interest are publicized. Prospective Buyers will be required to sign a Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement and demonstrate their financial resources to purchase your business before they receive your Business Profile. We will encourage the prospective Buyers to meet with us in person before releasing any confidential information.


There is no true Multiple Listing Service ("MLS") for businesses. While sensitive business information may be kept confidential by the lack of an MLS system, all too often the very existence of the listing may be kept secret from potential Buyers because the listing brokerage or M&A firm wants to protect their commissions. We work in cooperation with other brokers’ offices, Business Broker associations and other reputable brokers and M&A firms to expand your business’ exposure and ensure a timely and successful sale of your business.

We will coordinate and handle all aspects of the sale transaction to assure a smooth and successful transition. Our customers are provided with effective and creative representation. To join our winning team call David Altman today.

For More Information Please Call:

David Laurence Altman, Esq

Attorney and Counselor at Law, Lic. (CA and UTAH)
Principal Real Estate Broker, Lic. (CA)

Cheryl Yamamoto
Real Estate Broker, Lic. (CA and Utah)
CBIG Broker Associate
CCIM Candidate

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Suite 450
Beverly Hills, CA  90210

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